Why we rise above the clutter


Our work is informed by the modernist values of simplicity, restraint and clarity. We offer clients contemporary work that distills one’s core values. An antidote to over-marketed consumer products, 6 Avenue brings together ideals of investing intelligently and prudently, celebrating difference and upholding values that are eloquent and meaningful.

With an extensive network of investors spanning across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, our team works to ensure that 6 Avenue investors receive access to many of Australia's prime properties prior to public release and that these properties are carefully researched and pre-negotiated to make the process of buying as effortless as possible.





Pre-Public Opportunities


6 Avenues approved properties are thoroughly researched and pre-negotiated to make the process of buying as easy as possible. And with an extensive investor network, we work to give you exclusive access to Australia's finest properties prior to public release.




Methodological Research


6 Avenue's research team searches nationally for the best investment opportunities in locations which show great potential for capital growth, with a view of increasing your rental returns over the long term. 

Our research delves and encompasses property types such as apartments, townhouses and villas. Each undergoes an exhaustive analysis where a myriad of factors are accounted for, ranging from amenities, comparable properties, special features and long term forecasts of the region, before finally being approved as a potential 6 Avenue investment property. 





Quality Properties


Investors don’t have to waste their valuable time sifting through inferior investment opportunities. 6 Avenue typically rejects 14 out of every 15 properties it analyses. Astute investors realise that many of the best investment opportunities are offered exclusively to key purchases before the general public.





Turnkey Investments


All key matters informing a property’s long term success and ease of management are coordinated by 6 Avenue so that properties recommended to you are “turnkey” and purchases are as hassle-free as possible.

6 Avenue clients can be assured that we will be there to guide investors at every step of the way. From cradle to grave, we provide for client's needs with the purchase process, obtaining the necessary statutory approvals and with providing financing options. Our service extends past the initial purchase, into the management of the property, and subsequently management of the client's portfolio.





Attention To Detail
Attention To You


Our clients are a diverse group. With no preconceived notions or ideas regarding your goals, dreams, or ambitions, we'll take the time to build a complete picture of you as an individual. We take a holistic portrait of your financial and personal aspirations. 

Over time, you and your 6 Avenue executive will develop a special relationship based on respect, trust and understanding. By tuning into your passions, your concerns and your expectations, we will anticipate issues, redirect efforts and take advantage of opportunities to grow and preserve your investment.